Looks like fall is here -- all summer items on sale starting September 21st -- and additional 20% off current price!

Please reclaim all items by October 15th unless you would prefer that we donate them for you!

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Mile High Mountaineering Backpacks in stock!

MHM is making some amazing equipment, and we are proud to be the only retailer in North Carolina offering their packs to you! Come by and check them out today!

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Gear Inventory

A local marketplace to sell and purchase high-quality used outdoor gear and clothes. Regear accepts seasonally appropriate items related to snow sports, paddling, rock and ice climbing, camping, backpacking, cycling and yoga.

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Looking to buy gear? Just come on by! Want to sell gear? Check out our "How To" page with details on consignment fees, pricing strategy, inventory rotation, gear preparation, etc.

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